A Smart Real Estate Investment

The Clovelly area is a proven and popular area of St. John’s: moving here means joining a vibrant community surrounded by opportunities.

Given The Estates is the last chance to build a new home in a built-out area with proven demand and no remaining supply, purchasers’ investments in their homes will be safer – in terms of their homes retaining and gaining value* – than it would be in the case of a new undeveloped area.

Undeveloped areas with lots of future supply for new builds and no existing amenities leave no guarantee of what will be there or how long the entire development will take. In these uncertain times, there is no safer place to invest in a new home.

A great way to add to your investment is home design. The Estates at Clovelly is proud to offer a complimentary home design consultation with our interior designer. She will walk you through some great tips on how to elevate the already stellar design of your new home and create an inviting, functional space.

*This website may contain statements regarding the value of a home purchased in The Estates at Clovelly and the projected increase in such value.  Such statements are subject to a number of factors, risks and uncertainties which may affect a home’s value or projected value. Clovelly Development Limited Partnership does not guarantee that any home will retain or increase in value.

Something Custom in Mind?

In addition to the wide range of traditional and upgraded designs, The Estates at Clovelly is also offering the option to build your custom design on any of our applicable lots. Contact us today for more information.

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